At Allegiance KM, we teach kickboxing in New Brunswick, NJ and across the Hillsborough area. When you train with us, you will receive comprehensive kickboxing training that is fun, practical, and effective.

Whether you are sparring with an opponent or you prefer working out alone, kickboxing will help you build muscle and burn fat and calories. You will tone your body and increase your core strength. Along with your physical stamina, this type of fitness will also improve your mental endurance and well-being!

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Boxing Classes in Hillsborough

Boxing and kickboxing lessons in Hillsborough, NJ usually start with calisthenics, mobility exercises, and shadowboxing, then progress to plyometrics, strength drills, and speed pushes. This takes place during your rounds with the heavy bag. These are the skills that you will hone and develop over time in our classes.

Using the strikes that we will teach you at Allegiance KM, you will increase your fitness level through speed and power shot burnouts. Most group kickboxing fitness classes end with a few core and strength exercises to tone, target, and bring definition to the muscles that you will be using to punch and kick.

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What Are The Benefits of Kickboxing?

  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Relieves stress
  • Improved coordination & balance
  • Burns calories
  • Tones your body

Mastering kickboxing in Flemington, NJ with us at Allegiance KM will serve to remind you of just how strong you are. Not only is it a great workout routine that is much more fun and exciting than the treadmill, but it also relieves your stress and anxiety while providing you with focus and mental clarity. Fighting is also a high-intensity way to increase your balance, coordination, and flexibility while focusing on your cardiovascular system through aerobic emphasis.

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Looking To Get Into Kickboxing?

If you are interested in kickboxing lessons and are looking for classes in the Hillsborough, NJ area, look no further! At Allegiance KM, we are a kickboxing gym and school in one and our highly-trained instructors can’t wait to work with you to meet all your fitness goals. Stop by our Hillsborough studio today to learn more about the kickboxing lessons and classes we can offer you. We hope to hear from you soon!