Kickboxing is a popular form of exercise that is enjoyed by people of all body types, sizes, genders, and fitness levels. Adapted to every student, our inclusive kickboxing classes in New Brunswick are appropriate for new students and advanced kickboxers alike. Even within a group class, our attentive kickboxing coaches and one-on-one training strategies ensure that every student gains the focused guidance and insight they need to thrive. Our proven training framework is built upon progressive training principles, and attainable goal achievement, and will push you to your limits in every energetic session!

As a result, our students in New Brunswick can expect to build a balanced and useful framework of kickboxing skills. Starting with the fundamentals, we teach proper technique and form to prevent injury and improve progression with every strike and kick. As you become stronger, leaner, and more advanced, our unwavering support promotes continued growth in fitness, self-defense, and competitive kickboxing skills.

At Allegiance KM, we are the top gym for martial arts and the best kickboxing school in the greater New Brunswick area. In addition to our wide selection of kickboxing lessons and fitness classes, we also offer instruction in a variety of other disciplines. We have the premier New Brunswick area kickboxing instructors, who will help you achieve your fullest potential.

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Top-Notch Kickboxing Classes in New Brunswick

Kickboxing is based on a mix of karate and boxing, two difficult traditions that only get easier with repetition and practice. At Allegiance KM in New Brunswick, we teach the fundamentals of kickboxing, along with more difficult moves as you advance. Each class will include all types of punching, kicking, and striking movements, and you will learn the proper way to throw each. Our comprehensive kickboxing classes also include different types of defensive positions to prepare you for a potential threat.

If you’re looking to get fit, challenge your mind, and simply have fun with your fitness routine, consider kickboxing in Flemington, NJ!

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If you have heard the hype surrounding kickboxing in Hillsborough, NJ, and feel that it might be just the workout you are looking for, check out what we offer at Allegiance KM! We are proud to offer kickboxing classes for students of all ability levels, from beginners to more seasoned participants. Our trainers work with anyone that wants to lose weight, tone up, get a cardio workout, or take on the challenge of kickboxing. So, if you want to experience a fun, yet intense, full-body workout, consider giving kickboxing a try at Allegiance KM. For more information, give us a call or stop by our gym in New Brunswick today!

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