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Join us for an 8-week, total body, totally badass heavy bag boot camp

Train to be a fighter, without the fighting! Boxing and kickboxing combination drills are used to give you a fighter’s experience, but without the bag punching back. We also use bodyweight and medicine ball drills to provide a complete body workout, and you will leave feeling accomplished and stress-free.

Over the course of 8 weeks, these 30-minute classes will get you fit and help relieve stress. You will also shed weight and have a great time in a fun and friendly environment. All levels are welcome because you progress at your own pace to accomplish your goals. Glove up and let’s go!

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A Proud Fit to Fight® Affiliate

We’re proud to be the only Fit to Fight affiliate in Somerset County.

Krav Maga

Get in great shape while learning how to protect yourself.

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Learn how to Spar in a safe and fun training program.

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Ground Fighting

Self Defense-Focused Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tactics and techniques.

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