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  • Reduce Stress

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A Proud Fit to Fight® Affiliate

We’re proud to be the only Fit to Fight affiliate in Somerset County.

Fit to Fight® delivers effective training and realistic combatives grounded in real-world applications and everyday situations. Affiliates are uniquely positioned and certified to bring Mixed Modern Combatives programs to their communities so students can prepare to protect what matters most.

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Krav Maga

Get in great shape while learning how to protect yourself.

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Learn how to Spar in a safe and fun training program.

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Ground Fighting

Self Defense-Focused Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tactics and techniques.

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Learn Self-Defense and Take Charge of Your Life

Plus get in great shape

Learn the Art of Self Defense in Somerset County

Being able to defend yourself is an indispensable skill. The art of self defense means being able to protect yourself in any and all dangerous situations.

What if you are out at night in Manville, NJ and someone tries to attack you? Or maybe you’re taking a jog in a Somerset County park and someone comes out from behind a bush and grabs you. Or, what if you’re put in an unthinkable scenario in greater Millstone Township? At Allegiance KM, mastering the art of self defense through Krav Maga can save you in many dire situations, from a home invasion to assault and more.

Start Mastering The Art of Krav Maga Today!

Krav Maga is more than a passing trend in self defense or fitness. It is the official fighting and self defense system that has been used by the Israeli Defense Force for years. It uses striking and grappling techniques, as well as weapon defense.

Learning the art of Krav Maga is as simple as enrolling in a no-frills, basic self defense class in Bridgewater, NJ, Hillsborough, NJ, or anywhere in Somerset County. In these classes you will be taught using reality-based scenarios so you can protect yourself anytime, anywhere. At Allegiance KM in Manville, NJ, you can acquire the street defense skills to stay safe in dangerous and escalating situations.

Krav Maga classes in Princeton, NJ and Millstone Township are based on simple, instinctual movements. Through the effective use of verbal instruction, demonstration, and support of our coaches, the discipline of Krav Maga is easy to learn. You’ll be able to apply correct techniques in order to devastate your opponent, taking them out almost instantly, giving you time to flee!

krav maga hillsborough nj

Why Learn Krav Maga?

  • Builds core strength & flexibility
  • Increases self confidence
  • Learn self-control
  • Relieves stress

The best thing about Krav Maga classes in Branchburg, NJ or Hillsborough, NJ outside of self defense is its non-competitive nature. It is not a martial art, but it incorporates some of the training and concentration required of those disciplines. As such, it is still instrumental in helping participants develop flexibility and core strength. It also has been known to relieve stress and build self-confidence in those who may need it most. That is because it provides you with the power of self-control, and the ability to control situations where you may otherwise feel weak or vulnerable. There is much to be gained from studying the Krav Maga tradition.

If you are interested in Krav Maga training in Manville, NJ or Hillsborough, NJ, or you would like to get started with a Krav Maga class in Flemington, NJ, give us a call or stop by our gym today. We offer a variety of self defense training and martial arts, such as Jiu Jitsu lessons in Hillsborough, NJ, to give you the strength and tools that you need to find self confidence and achieve success. Browse our website to see what fitness classes or training, such as sparology or kickboxing in Hillsborough, NJ, best fit your needs and we can get you started on your path today! We can’t wait to hear from you.